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                  ABOUT US  
                  About us  
                GreatNewPlaces.com launched in Singapore in 2010 and is well regarded as the #1 Authority on New Places in Singapore.

                GreatNewPlaces.com is always the first to share stories about new places opening in Singapore. Being plugged into every major PR agency in Singapore ensures we maintain our well-regarded reputation for publishing brand new openings on a daily basis. We only feature the very newest places to open, including news of great places that will open in the near future too. All of our content is hot off the press, with exceptional visual content and detailed opening highlights ensuring both quality and substantial coverage.

                GreatNewPlaces.com features new places across all of the following categories: Arts & Culture, Attractions, Culinary, Fashion, Green, Health & Beauty, Kids, News, Nightlife, Property & Design, Sports & Recreation, Stores and Travel. Our content is refreshed daily and every other Monday we blast out our very best picks of new places to open in Singapore directly into the inboxes of our entire 75,000 member base via our hugely popular e-Newsletter (Average Open Rate over 26%).
                Advertising with GreatNewPlaces.com allows brands to communicate directly with our influential members including everyone who has attended Singapore's largest and most glamorous F1 weekend event The Podium Lounge at The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia since 2009 as well as attendees of The Singapore International Jazz Festival at Marina Bay Sands since 2014. Offering unrivalled access into the daily lives of Singapore’s wealthy business elite including C-Suite executive, expats and highly interconnected professionals. GreatNewPlaces.com’s partnership with Singapore’s largest premier event organizers ensures that our client’s campaigns reach the movers and shakers of Singapore’s stylish elite.
                GreatNewPlaces.com's partners and advertisers are able to position their brands at the forefront of what's cool, hip and trendy in Singapore. With a 100% focus on local features and a premium, mature audience of local socialites, expats and professionals in Singapore, GreatNewPlaces.com is the ideal platform for communicating your ad campaigns and promotions to a targeted audience of influencers, high spenders and media.
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