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                For all Advertising Enquiries, Please Contact:
                Email: robbie@greatnewplaces.com or call: +65 94595211
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                GreatNewPlaces.com celebrates 10 years in Singapore in 2020 and has firmly established itself as the leading authority on new places here. With a captive audience of brand conscious opinion leaders who are cash rich and time poor, GreatNewPlaces.com is a powerful and effective channel for engaging with a high affluence segment in Singapore; serving as an informative guide for what’s hip, new and trendy on the scene.
                Spotting trends in Singapore since 2010, GreatNewPlaces.com celebrates the fast paced metropolis city we live in and our cultural acceptance for change. We are the leading portal for residents keen to keep their finger on the pulse of Singapore’s ever-changing cityscape and highlight everything that’s newly opened in Singapore on a daily basis.
                We prize the enormous effort that brands and creative folk invest into creating a truly vibrant city that is always on the move and in a constant and valuable process of change; channelling our daily discoveries to a very targeted and premium local audience. Our average of 3,750+ daily unique visitors and highly engaged 75,000 member base consists of local socialites, expats, influencers, Singapore’s business elite as well as over 1,600 media reps. As opinion formers with considerable spending power, they actively seek out the hottest new places in town and pride themselves on being the very first to know.
                Connect directly with our active database of affluent event goers in Singapore. The founders of GreatNewPlaces.com also own The Podium Lounge at The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore which hosts over 10,000 high profile guests over 3 nights of the Singapore Grand Prix (since 2009) and support The Singapore International Jazz Festival at Marina Bay Sands (which hosts over 15,000 guests annually at MBS since 2014) providing our advertisers with year-round access to Singapore’s most influential and wealthy event goers.
                GreatNewPlaces.com's partners and advertisers are able to position their brands at the forefront of what's cool, hip and trendy in Singapore. With a 100% focus on local features and a premium, 'mature' audience of local socialites in Singapore, GreatNewPlaces.com is the ideal platform for communicating your media campaigns and promotions to a targeted audience of high affluence spenders and influencers.
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